Lucy "Lavend" Jongebloed

Hi, I'm Lucy.

I'm a young and inspired indie game developer. I study game programming, but I love making art and music just as much.


I run a YouTube channel about game development. I mainly focus on creating tutorials on the open source game engine Godot.
You can find me here:

A tutorial I made about creating curved terrain in Godot 3.2

A video explaining how to apply forces to Rigidbodies in Godot

Projects I've worked on

Rifle Renegade
Personal project 2020

Fast paced 2D action platformer. (game jam entry)
Read more..

The DAF Game 2
Programming, additional art 2020

Multiplayer 2D platformer game with very tight controls. Read more..

Solar Sacrifice
Personal project 2020

2D shoot 'em up game. Read more..

Personal (school) project 2019

A game in which every pixel is simulated. Read more..

Programming 2020

First Person Shooter with a modular gun system. (Global Game Jam entry) Read more..

Godot Platfomer Demo Revamp
Art, additional programming 2020

A visual revamp of the official Godot KinematicBody Platformer Demo. Read more..

Digital Dance Factory
Programming 2019

Dancing game made for physical dance pads. Read more..

Toady McLick
Art, audio 2020

2D infinite runner game about a little frog. made for the GMTK game jam. Read more..

Sketchy Skate Arcade
Personal project 2019

Infinite runner game for Android. Read more..

Personal project 2019

Story rich 2D platformer game. Read more..

The DAF Game
Programming, additional art, audio 2018

2D action platformer game. Read more..

Programming, pixel art, audio 2017

Story rich RPG. Read more..

But there's more!

I have quite a few other projects, including projects that are not game related. I will be adding pages for those projects soon!


My passion for video game music and sound effects can be heard in a lot of my projects. You can also listen to some of music I make via my SoundCloud.



You can reach out to me via Twitter or send me an E-mail:

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